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A group of neighbors in Detroit, a church in Boise and the workers at a concrete factory in Texas all have something in common: They share the cost of sponsoring a whole home of orphans and widows. Partial sponsorship is unique to child care. It takes approximately $1500 to $2000 per month to sponsor a home. Once you begin, we’ll send you a picture of a home in need of sponsors and a link to a website with pictures of the kids and their surroundings.

Please indicate whether this is a one-time or monthly donation.
Continuing Home Sponsors, select the name of your Home, if it is listed. Otherwise, please provide details below. New sponsors will be contacted with information about available homes.

You can rescue and restore the lives of orphans through our "Home Sponsorship!" program. Our approach is to provide support at the home level. Individuals, churches, small groups and businesses can contribute in part or in whole to the daily care of the orphans in one of the church-based orphan homes.
Sponsorship is established in support of a whole home, rather than as individual child sponsorship. This structure is more efficient, and it enables us to share more with you about the church home in which the orphans are raised.
Each participant will receive information on the home, the children, specific needs of the home, and updates on new developments. Technology plays a significant role in keeping you connected and informed on a frequent basis.
You, your church, group or business can provide partial or full support. The monthly investment for the ongoing care of all the children in a home is approximately 1500 to $2,000 per month.
Will you join us in restoring and protecting the lives of these helpless children?