Indonesian Orphans Site Map

Our Mission

Our mission is to restore the lives of orphans in partnership with churches, corporations, organizations and individuals who have a passion to help needy, parentless children.

Our Commitments

  • Building awareness of the despair faced by children around the world and the ways in which their needs can be addressed.
  • Providing resources that meet sustained spiritual, physical, social and emotional needs of children under our care.
  • Sharing the message of the transforming power of Christ's love through words and action to each child.
  • Partnering with other organizations to maximize efficiency through specialization. 
  • Fostering development efforts that bring about self-sufficiency of individual homes and the children raised in them.
  • Maximizing the giving power of donors and sponsors through partnerships, matching grants and auditing programs.

Church/ Home Model

Our mission is achieved as we provide holistic care to orphans in the context of a family-environment, through our effective church/ home model

Our Current Orphan Rescue Mission

Indonesian Orphans is now focusing on building a home for orphans in their native Indonesian country, keeping them as close as possible to the villages from where they are found. As of the writing of this website, our orphan children are staying in a radio station which is temporarily being used as a makeshift home. We need to move them out of this “house” and into a real home as soon as possible. Each country we go into has several reasons as to why we need to get in there immediately and take action. One of the most gruesome facts (but sadly true) about Indonesia is that it is the third worst persons trafficked country in the world. Young, innocent children who should be laughing, learning, and enjoying their lives, are instead crying out for freedom from modern era slavery, kidnapping, violence, and sexual abuse. This is occurring largely because these orphans, from toddlers to teenagers nearing adulthood, have no one to ask for advice or protect and educate them against such insane cruelty.


We partner with and support other like-minded organizations to effectively carry out our mission to minister the orphans of this world.

Current Partners