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Back-to-back Earthquakes Rock Indonesia

Within moments of the first earthquake, entire buildings toppled and Indonesians across the islands felt the impact. Once the second quake hit, nearly an entire population became refugees in their hometowns. The following hours were a chaotic blur of those fleeing the area and others frantically searching for separated loved ones. 

The death toll is steadily climbing and the numbers of the missing are in the thousands. In the fallout of the earthquakes, crowds of children are separated from their families, left roaming the streets. Scared and alone, they have suddenly been rendered homeless.  With no one to provide for them, many are careening towards starvation.

Major parts of Indonesia are now decimated with fire, landslides, and collapsed structures. Roads are severed, several hospitals have been leveled, fresh water is in dangerously sparse supply, and virtually all communication has been cut off.

The conditions are challenging, but WBOCI’s network of in-country partnerships make it possible for us to continue to care for the kids in our Church Orphan Homes and, with your help, we are expanding our capacity to care for children orphaned or separated from their families by the disaster.
In a matter of moments, Indonesian children lost everything that they held familiar. You can provide them with safety, sustenance, and security as we reunite them with their families. Will you partner with us to rescue and care for these lost children?

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Indonesia Earthquake

Indonesia Earthquake Victims

Indonesia Earthquake