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Church Orphan Homes

With the orphan population growing in epidemic proportions, there is an enormous, immediate need for orphan care around the world. 
Warm Blankets offers a fresh, dynamic approach to confront the problem, through establishing and supporting church-based Family Homes. Each home has a family atmosphere based on love and compassion that is touched by the word of God. Every home shares a building with the local Christian church. This unique church/home combination provides an effective method of meeting both the spiritual and physical needs of each orphan.
Each home has the capacity to house about 40 children. The homes provide beneficial, nurturing, holistic care to parentless infants, children, and adolescents. A healthy, flourishing environment filled with love and songs of worship is found at each Family Home.

Our Caregivers

Widows are the principal caregivers in each orphan care facility. They understand the pain each orphan faces, having experienced loss as well. We maintain a staff ratio of one caregiver for every five children, so you can be assured that a frightened child will be held and comforted by someone who cares.

You can help and make a difference

With your help, the orphans in the home will receive:

Basic Physical Care Emotional Development

-  A clean, safe shelter for residence.
-  Clothing
-  Food, water, nutrition and hygiene training
-  Health care and medical attention

- Moral instruction - Supervision and discipline - A structured, family-like environment - Community life - Trusting, loving relationships.

Education Spiritual Guidance

-  A basic elementary education.
-  Secondary education and vocational training
-  Basic computer instruction

-  Biblical and moral instruction and training.
-  Pastoral leadership and teaching
- Christian Fellowship