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About Us

Indonesian Orphans, a ministry of Warm Blankets Orphan Care International, is a nonprofit Christian mission intent on fulfilling the Great Commission by rescuing and caring for increasing numbers of orphan kids in conjunction with church-planting efforts.

Indonesian Orphan Crisis

Amidst the peaceful, rolling green hills and awe-inspiring beauty, there exists a nation in dramatic upheaval. To an outsider, Indonesia is a country of rich traditions and serene settings, but, in the realms of its serenity, there exists senseless violence, terror, repression and extreme poverty, which leaves behind many people displaced, vulnerable and insecure. Often times, women and children are the most vulnerable and displaced group who are easy targets to exploitation. In most cases, they are taken care of by local people or government, but the fact remains that there are still many others out there, especially children, who need immediate care and intervention. The situation is urgent, as hundreds and thousands of orphans beckon for our intervention before they become victims of slavery, exploitation, disease or other gruesome situations.

Our Approach to the Problem

According to James 1:27 - "Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world." Based on this passage, Indonesian Orphans, a ministry of Warm Blankets Orphan Care International (WBOCI), is dedicated to taking in the orphaned children of Indonesia and bringing them into our hearts and into our church homes. Here, we meet our children’s physical, spiritual, mental needs in a close relationship with their Creator. The primary caregivers in our church homes are widows. They have first hand experience of what it feels like to be completely alone and unwanted in this big world; thus, our caregivers are more compassionate and empathetic towards our orphans than, perhaps, most others may be.

Our Current Orphan Rescue Mission

Indonesian Orphans is now focusing on building a home for orphans in their native Indonesian country, keeping them as close as possible to the villages from where they are found. As of the writing of this website, our orphan children are staying in a radio station which is temporarily being used as a makeshift home. We need to move them out of this “house” and into a real home as soon as possible. Each country we go into has several reasons as to why we need to get in there immediately and take action. One of the most gruesome facts (but sadly true) about Indonesia is that it is the third worst persons trafficked country in the world. Young, innocent children who should be laughing, learning, and enjoying their lives, are instead crying out for freedom from modern era slavery, kidnapping, violence, and sexual abuse. This is occurring largely because these orphans, from toddlers to teenagers nearing adulthood, have no one to ask for advice or protect and educate them against such insane cruelty.

You Can Help Make A Difference

The important thing to keep in mind, however, is that we really can and must make a difference in the lives of these children. Yet, the work which we have chosen to undertake cannot be completed on our own, and so we turn to people and organizations like you, our reader, to financially support us in our endeavor. In order to meet the unique needs of each and every child we bring in to our homes, we request your gracious monetary assistance. Let us not wait until some indefinite point of time in our lives to make a difference; rather, let us act together now, right now, with whatever little or much that we have. Your dollar power, combined with our international outreach program, holds the promise and potential to immediately bring about the much needed, positive changes in the lives of many lost, tired young souls. One more naked child can be clothed, and one more hungry mouth fed, with your generosity. We thank you for your interest in Indonesian Orphans. Please continue to join forces with us as we persist in our mission to bring light into the darkest parts of our world.