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Back-to-back Earthquakes Rock Indonesia

Indonesia EarthquakeDevastation from Indonesia’s two recent rapid-fire earthquakes is tearing families apart and ravaging lives across the sprawling island nation. When the quakes hit, the impact was immediate, but WBOCI is on the ground, responding to save lives just as quickly as the quakes took them.
We need your help to care for the scared, lonely children who were separated during the disaster. Will partner with us to rescue children and reunite families? Read More

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Indonesian Orphan Crisis

In the realms of its serene surroundings and rich, deep cultural traditions, there exists senseless violence, terror, repression and extreme poverty, which leaves behind many people displaced, vulnerable and insecure. Of these displaced people, there are hundreds and thousands of orphans in Indonesia, who become easy targets to exploitation.
These children need our immediate care and intervention, before they become victims to such forces. Responding to this emergency, Warm Blankets Orphan Care International has initiated Indonesian Orphans rescue mission, to rescue and care for the vulnerable orphans.
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Sumba Island Report Gallery

Orphans Of Sumba, Indonesia Apart from sharing county’s crisis and being one of the Indonesia’s poorer and less developed regions, Sumba Island faces even more challenging situation because it is ill-equipped to handle the country’s crisis. On one of our Indonesian orphan rescue missions, we have identified a great need for an orphan home in Waikabubak, the capital town of West Sumba. 

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